The college has progressed rapidly by proper utilisation of the available resources provided by the faculty members and non-teaching staff of the college under clean and transparent administration of the Governing Body and is doing a remarkable job by providing quality teaching to the students. The university examination results bear ample testimony to this academic success. The cordial relation that exists between students and staff, both teaching and non-teaching, contributes to this glorious achievement.

The college is too young to have glorious annals to recount but a bright future for it is pledged to be created. With the grants from Government and the other available sources forthcomming, the aggressive phase of growth of the college will continue. The library is provided with adequate number of books, the laboratories are properly equiped, the class rooms are sufficiently furnished and various facilities are made available to the students. Construction of the incomplete portion of the college building as also its expansion to cope with the increasing number of student intake has been undertaken. Soon the entire college will assume a new look exuding the glow of wellbeing and development. This is not an idle imagination but a reality which the present college authority is detei mined to materialise.