Desk of Principal

At Kishore Bharati Bhagani Nivedita College, it is our constant endeavor to create an educational environment which combines the best features of mass education and the resources of quality teaching in the major streams of undergraduate studies within the curricular framework of Calcutta University. Our undergraduate agenda is both broad and flexible, stimulating profound thinking and opening up new horizons in minds of our students. We strive to inculcate skills and knowledge such that our students can respond to changes and challenges of a technologically driven world. We have a dedicated faculty and a devoted administrative staff, committed to goal of sustaining academic excellence in our college.

It is not learning alone which we focus upon. We are always striving for imparting holistic education to our students. Thus, presentation by distinguished guests, cultural programmes and sports are some of the avenues, where our teachers and students come together, providing opportunities to the latter to acquire knowledge beyond boundaries of books and lectures. We invite you to find out more about our college and programmes on the pages that follow and welcome any suggestion and queries that you may have.