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The Department of Geography endeavors to develop an inquiring mind, making learning a pleasure and prepare the students for academic or professional courses as well as confident enough to step into the professional world. In the department apart from the prescribed Calcutta University curriculum we also conduct seminars, quiz contests, field works, practical classes and many more innovative methods. The department offers 3-yearHonours degree course and 3-year general degree course. Through the use of ICT along with field excursions to geographically significant locations, knowledge of both theoretical and practical skills is imparted. Majority of our students are employed in government as well as non-government sectors. Our department has a good faculty strength which enables us to focus individual attention to our students.


To provide young undergraduate students a platform for higher education and provide quality
education in Geography so that they can contribute in educational field and society at large.
M1: To nurture and strengthen professional potential of undergraduate students to the
highest level by providing excellent Teacher-Student ratio, to attend to the problems and
necessities of each student individually.
M2: To provide standard infrastructure for quality teaching, hands on training for microlevel research and development in Geography.
M3: To undertake research challenges by getting trained with the help of latest instruments,
computer lab for Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS, statistical methodologies, soil lab, survey
M4: To encourage teamwork for undertaking goal oriented educational fieldwork so that
students can have holistic ideas about environmental issues, social and cultural problems etc.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
Graduates should be able to:
PEO1: Demonstrate recognizable expertise to solve problems in the analysis, design,
implementation and evaluation of the subject.
PEO2: Training the students effectively in various professional fields by making them
contribute in the ethical, competent, and creative practice of theoretical and practical aspects
of the subjects.
PEO3: Exhibit sustained learning capability and ability to adapt to a constantly changing
curriculum through proper guidance and self-learning.
PEO4: To equip our students with latest methodological knowhow so that they can interact or
get trained in various inter-disciplinary subjects for future higher education or job oriented

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):
At the end of the program a student will be able to:
PSO1: Apply the principles of theoretical and practical knowledge in solving real life
problems efficiently.
PSO2: Develop constantly changing paradigms of efficient learning system.
PSO3: Proper grooming of students for higher education.
PSO4: To make them technologically sound in Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and other diverse
fields so that they can be absorbed in related fields for research or job.
Head, Department of Geography.

Total Faculty Member: 6

Number of teachers with Ph.D. as highest qualification: 3

Number of teachers with M.Sc. / M.A. / M.Phil. as highest qualification: 3

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