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The mission of the department of Political Science of Kishore Bharati Bhagini Nivedita College is to spread affordable education to the students of the locality and of the suburban areas who flock to our college every year. Further because our subject deals with state, the constitution and statecraft, we want the students to be concerned and discerning individuals who are aware of their rights and duties as citizens of India, the task of the country and its leaders. Our  zeal is to help create model citizens for our country.



We aim to spread affordable education to all and sundry and to create questioning individuals who would question the prevalent system,  try to find the rights and the wrongs in it and try to help in creating a better India.

COs of BA Political Science:

CO1: To understand state craft.

CO2: To have comprehensive knowledge about our rights, the extent of our freedom and the privileges we enjoy in a state system.

CO3: To understand the functioning of our governmental system and having a clear idea of our role and importance and duties in the system.

CO4: The functioning of the international political system which is thoroughly dependent on trade relations mostly. Also the power dynamics in the world which helps us understand our position better.

PSOs of BA Political Science:

PSO1: Understanding the theories of Political Science

PSO2: In line with concept of state – centric studies, knowing about the concepts of constitution, government and politics and the inter – connections thereof.

PSO3: The comprehensive studies of the political systems prevalent in the world and their comparisons.

PSO4: Studying in detail the concept of International Relations and various area specific studies.

PSO5: Comprehensive study of Indian and western political thoughts and movements.

PSO6: Understanding sociology and its connection to politics.

PSO7: Public administration being a very important field of application, the theoritical base of this part of the subject needs to be understood in entirety.

PSO8: Theory building and theoretical framework of the subject and its understanding.

PSO9: Gender studies and its importance in rethinking political science.

PSO10: Specific studies of abusive governmental systems and societies in a bid to overcome such setbacks in different parts of the world.

  • Smt. Piyalee Dash Sharma

    Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Wanchuk Dukpa

    Assistant Professor

  • Smt. Pousali Das

    SACT - II

  • Smt. Anita Sadhu

    SACT - II

Political Science Department : Information on activities

The department of Political Science in the academic session July , 2021 to June 2022 had a host of activities aiming at all rounded development of students of the department.

  1. In order to widen ones horizon at the department, to give them a clear idea of what to expect after graduation from the college and to aid them at the process and make it easier for the students to understand the modus operandi of getting through to the various universities if the wanted to pursue the higher studies our department co – operated with the Political Science department of New Alipur College to participate in a Career – counselling Program organized by them where student speakers from various universities guided our students in an online meet. It was called the ‘ROAD AHEAD’ and took place on July 31st , 2021.
  2. In collaboration with New Alipur College, with whom we have a Memorandum of Understanding, the Political Science departments as a part of Academic Exchange Program conducted Joint classes online where students of both colleges attended the classes scheduled together. A huge part of the syllabi was covered. Classes were scheduled from October 1st to October 9th, 2021 and there were a total of six classes taken.
  3. On 15th February, 2022 the 6th Semester students of the department were taken on an excursion to Barisha Sabarna Roychowdhury house to attend an exhibition.
  4. An educational excursion was organized on 5th March, 2022 by the college where the department of Political Science along with a few other departments took the students to Indian Museum.
  5. In May 2022, there were a whole host of competitions for the students of all semesters of our department. Those included : Poster – making Competition, Open – book competition which took place in college premises and an Extempore competition and Student Seminar which happened online. The theme for all the competitions except open book was The Russo – Ukrainian war.